Evident Maniac (sklathill) wrote,
Evident Maniac

Why am I doing an anime op/ed meme?

Oh... right. I haven't updated this LJ in a while. That's why...


What are you favorite OP and EDs? and why?
Don't go past top 5, and say a few words why? :3

It's the Lodoss War TV OP! I remember seeing this back in high school and thinking: WOW, THIS SHOW IS GOING TO LOOK AWESOME! Of course, it didn't, which was: very disappointing. I suppose the poor quality of the show actually helps in highlighting the awesomeness of this op.

Here's the OP to Chou Kidou Densetsu DAINAGIGA. Amazing OP. Visually awesome. Catchy song. And the show to go along with it was: ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. (Korean subtitled version here as it was by far the best quality version on youtube...)

Mamotte Shugogetten wasn't a great show. If it wasn't the predictable plot and boring character gnawing it me, it was the various bits of evidence of too early adoption of digital animation. (At least it wasn't J-to-X quality). Man, the OP was good, though...

Ah... Himikoden. Hooray for crazy Japanese media mix franchises that never quite hit in America. The Playstation game wasn't awful. The anime was, however...

Okay... let's do something from a significantly less awful anime. This is the 2nd ED to Clamp Campus Detectives, and it's one of my favorite Sakamoto Maaya songs (probably my favorite on her Hotchpotch singles collection, with Active Heart just underneath...)

I guess that's my five! But before the end, I've gotta leave you guys with a game opening that doesn't get enough love: the OP to Genso Suikogaiden 1 for PSX...

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